Saturday, April 3, 2010

renew passport at Jabatan Immigration Shah Alam PKNS updated

If you are looking for some advices and info before decided to renew passport at Jabatan Immigration during weekend (yes, this branch open Sat and Sun 8am-1pm). You may need to go back second day to collect your passport (for payment made after 11 a.m.).

There is no more KIOSK since the photo will be taken from the counter.

For normal counter service
- queue up at the counter 11/12 for the officer to check your dossier before getting a calling number (that will take more or less 40 mins if you are not lucky, if you want to avoid waiting for too long arrived before 7.15am)
**when you are queuing the guard will pass you the application form

- once your number is called, submit the dossier at the counter 7,8,9 or 10
- than wait for your name to be called and pay the money at counter no.6 payment by cash, credit card or debit card are accepted.

So you may ask me what is counter no 1-5 for?
Well, counter 1-2 are for collecting of passport. There is a basket in front of the counter, drop in the receipt and wait for your name to be called.
Counter 3 is special counter to serve senior citizen and disabled.
Counter 4 is the counter for those applicant with special condition for example lost passport. I only see 2 people went to that counter.

The office actually is located at 2nd floor of Wisma PKNS (which is opposite SIRIM berhad and Shah Alam Convention Center). Look for the entrance with KFC and Guardian (which is opposite a small park with lake), search for Lift 5/6 than go to 2nd floor. The office is on the left side.

For details direction on how to get there, refer this google map. Very useful feature from Google.

The service is slow, but guess that is quite normal for civil servant.  

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